Rugby selector of the nationals Romain Balmis in NBU: "Rugby is an education with many values"
Rugby selector of the nationals Romain Balmis in NBU: "Rugby is an education with many values"

Students and guests of the university had the exceptional opportunity to meet with the coach of the national rugby team Romain Balmis. The French selector gave a lecture on the topic of the coach. Being a vocation leader ”at the invitation of I.D. Dean of the Faculty of Basic Education, Ch. Prof. Dr. Georgi Gochev.


The 45 -year -old Frenchman has accepted the cause of returning the glory of the Bulgarian rugby as his own. Romain Balmis has been a 2017 national rugby team. With Romain Balmis, Bulgaria has climbed 35 positions in the world rugby rankings in just three racing years. He works very stubbornly to enhance the self -esteem of rugby players and manages to make not only a cohesive but also very hungry team.


In front of the students and guests of the event, the French rugby specialist talks about the values of the game and the need for her presence at universities and schools. In his lecture, Romain Balmis advised students to pursue the work and consistency the goals they set themselves, not only on the sports ground, but also in life.


“It is very important to be humble. To approach humility not only in sports but also in life. This is a better position and brings us more benefits as individuals, “said the rugby coach, who is a school principal in his native France.


“I am very happy to be at a university because Rugby is an education with very strong values. Solidarity, brotherhood, friendship, these are truly truly strong values. Respect and, above all, respect. The introduction of rugby at the university is logical and second - a very smart move. Because through this prism, one can make all these values earn. The sport could be aggressive, but after the end of the 80th minute, respect was dominated, “said the breeder of the Bulgarian Rugby team. “In a sport that is very tactical, you need to be able to develop and get better in different situations. These are my advice not only about sports, but also in life in which we must educate our children. Send your children to play rugby because the game gives a lot of competencies in life. ”, Balmis urged.


In front of the university community, the French breeder told about the specifics of the game Rugby, the field zones, the commitments of each player. “The most important thing is that we want to occupy the development of the imagination, the responsibility, the courage, and the ability of a player to adapt to the game. When there is an intelligent development of the movement of people and the ball on the pitch, there is everything that needs to win. ”


Romain Balmis shared that he hoped Rugby sports will be developed in Bulgaria as early as school age. “Rugby has to go to school, but it will take time. It is important because of all the values that sport develops because of the passion. ”


In France, there are various forms of the game, which, in addition to building a motor culture in children, brings an element of fun. Regarding fears that Rugby is a dangerous sport, Balmis said that in his homeland in children up to 10-12 years of age, the rules are such that there is almost no physical contact between players.


“Fear often makes us develop. I don’t remember a match I didn’t worry about. But this is not a paralyzing fear, but one that unlocks adrenaline and makes you develop. ”


The NBU coach Rugby Kostadin Debrenliev invited all of the community to join the activities that take place every Wednesday from 14.40h.


Romain Balmis’ lecture took place a few days before the Rugby match between the teams of Bulgaria and Turkey. The event is part of the new university academic rugby program, which is being implemented by Dr. Svetlozar Vasilev and Mr Kostadin Debrenliev, a national competitor and coach of the NBU Rugby team.


The journalist and a former rugby competitor Vasil Varbanov took care of the translation during the event with a bright sense of humor.

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